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Charmaine Kuan excels in keeping our sales engine running smoothly and maintaining seamless sales operations. With a Masters degree from the London School of Economics and extensive exposure to the best RevOps experts, Charmaine brings a unique perspective on ensuring processes are optimized for peak performance.

Joe leads the Partnership team at Stable to capitalize on optimal growth opportunities. His long standing commitment and strategic approach to alliances empower Club Members with effective risk management assets. Joe’s experience spans the landscapes of price discovery and supply chain risks in commodity markets, and his profound understanding of industry profit drivers contribute significantly to strengthening the Club’s network

Paola Luporini leads the Intelligence team at Stable and brings a wealth of experience from her background in commodity trading and risk management roles. Paola leverages her expertise on analysing market trends and supply chain risks to support Stable Club’s growth plans. With a strategic mindset, Paola’s contributions are pivotal in ensuring the Club continues to deliver robust risk management solutions