Our Teams

The most important asset of any company is its people. We’d love to introduce you to all the amazing people at Stable, but that might not be best use of your time. Instead, let us give you a snapshot of a few of the teams that span the four departments at Stable


With over 5000 indexes on the platform the data team is at the heart of everything we do at Stable


With a growing list of members all over the world, our compliance team works at the heart of our Bermudan operations team


Managing the budgets for a fast growth technology team and a rapidly expanding organization is where our Bermudan based finance team excel


Our engineering team is based in Clerkenwell in London. They are in charge of implementing new features and products on our platform


Our revenue team walks new members through the platform, learns about their risk management needs and supports them as they start to track, map and manage their risks

Sales Operations

The sales ops team focuses on 'top of funnel' activity and data-led processes to identify and onboard new members for the Club

Artificial Intelligence

Our AI team operate at the cutting edge of what's possible as they work help members track and map a wide range of risks to their supply chain